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the 2014 CrossFit Regionals is May 23-25!

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It’s the 2014 CrossFit Season. Here are the essential dates leading up to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. The 2014 CrossFit Open is in the books! Almost 200,000 people are participated in the Open this year, and this 2014 year, the worldwide competition is even broader and more inclusive. Log on to the Games Site to see more information on the competition details for Individuals, Masters and Teams. The second stage of the season is the Regionals and they will be held over four weekends. Over the course of three days, the fittest men, women, and teams from every region will… Read more…

CrossFit RepScheme Facility is Fantastic


CrossFit RepScheme is located just west of the Northridge Mall in a fantastic newly expanded 17,000 square foot air conditioned facility. CrossFit RepScheme is equipped with truck loads of equipment/toys and more amenities than any other CrossFit facility around! CrossFit RepScheme currently offers 23 CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainers and all are prepared and ready to give you the best workout of your life! CrossFit RepScheme currently offers 23 CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainers and all are prepared to give you the best workout of your life! CrossFit RepScheme is located in a newly expanded 17,000 square foot air conditioned (summer months)… Read more…

Resolution: made, character, life & FITNESS


2014 The New Year awakens new goals, revisits our previous goals and replaces the “I should have” and the “I could have”’ with the “I will” and “I’m going to”. Resolutions are made… …resolutions of character, resolutions of life, and commonly resolutions of FITNESS. In the midst of cost-effective based fitness promotions and globo-gyms… Why choose CrossFit RepScheme? CrossFit RepScheme will address your fitness needs and goals through our structured programming, but CrossFit RepsScheme’s WoD’s (Workout of the Day), COACHING, and COMMUNITY will create something different inside you. You will create GOALS only to surpass them. You will surpass goals… Read more…

Honor The Fallen Event, Thank You To All!


CrossFit RepScheme had the honor & pleasure of hosting a Memorial Fundraiser for two fallen Law Enforcement Officers, Officer Crain Riverside Police Department & Deputy MacKay San Bernardino Sheriff Department. We honored their lives, sacrifice, & service of Law Enforcement by gathering as a community. Together, we donated funds, time, and we shared a partner WoD that represented more than just a workout. The WoD represented our reliance on each other to make the world better. We carried each other on our shoulders, held weight over our heads as our partners did their part. You did your part. You did your… Read more…

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