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Coach Brian Nguyen

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by RepScheme No Comments

Coach-Brian-200x200Growing up, Coach Brian Nguyen, was an athlete with an avid love for baseball, golf, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and weightlifting. He was hindered by a serious back injury, which included the need for surgery to repair bulging and herniated lumbar disks. Since the injury, he has always been cautious in engaging in new workout regimens with fears of re-injuring his back. As you can imagine, he was concerned with participating in CrossFit, which included Olympic weight lifting and high intensity workouts.

In CrossFit, Coach Brian learned the importance of the progression, “Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. He realized that CrossFit delivers results in the form of increased function and became addicted to the varying challenges CrossFit workouts he would experience. Since his initial CrossFit experience, Coach Brian has committed to improving his form, speed, and strength.

Coach Brian attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course and has since channeled his desire to share his experiences and instruct aspiring crossfitters by accepting a coaching position at Repscheme. Coach Brian has been called by his friends, a “sponge” because of his ability to learn quickly. He utilizes this trait in learning and applying new knowledge to his own practice and further, in the instruction of RepScheme members.

Coach Brian is honored to be part of the RepScheme family and maintains the goal of providing members with up to date training in all aspects of fitness.

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