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Coach Dustin Travers

Coach Dustin Travers life has not been the same since his first day of CrossFit on April 26, 2012. He loves that there is always a new goal to work towards and every day he feels like he has improved in some way or at something. He loves training and competing and hopes to take his performances in competition as far as he can. He has competed in many competitions including the 2013 OC Throwdown and the 2013 SoCal Team Regionals.  He continues to strive to compete at the highest level. As much as he loves competing, he find the most enjoyment in watching other people reach personal records (“PR’s!”) or accomplish something that they may have never thought they could. Whether the achievement is a first double under or a first muscle up, they are all equally exciting! “Being a part of that everyday is why I like coaching so much. I love talking all things CrossFit and I welcome any and all questions!”
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Coach Reece Leon

Coach Reece Leon comes from an athletic background provided by his family. In high school he excelled on the mat wrestling for four years under the tutelage of his father, the head coach of the wrestling team. Being a wrestler taught Reece a lot about life, just how important it is to work hard and be disciplined to achieve goals. After high school Reece’s urge to compete took him into the world of mixed martial arts where he had amateur fights and established an undefeated record. Some time later Reece found himself back in the world he loved, now as a wrestling coach under his father. Coaching came natural and helped Reece develop a whole new love for the sport. With a love for competition and coaching, the world of CrossFit called! His first workout with long time friend, there was no turning back. Along with CrossFit comes an atmosphere of fun people who strive for the same goals. CrossFit has inspired a new love and addiction for Reece. Whether…
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Coach Brian Nguyen

Growing up, Coach Brian Nguyen, was an athlete with an avid love for baseball, golf, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and weightlifting. He was hindered by a serious back injury, which included the need for surgery to repair bulging and herniated lumbar disks. Since the injury, he has always been cautious in engaging in new workout regimens with fears of re-injuring his back. As you can imagine, he was concerned with participating in CrossFit, which included Olympic weight lifting and high intensity workouts. In CrossFit, Coach Brian learned the importance of the progression, “Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. He realized that CrossFit delivers results in the form of increased function and became addicted to the varying challenges CrossFit workouts he would experience. Since his initial CrossFit experience, Coach Brian has committed to improving his form, speed, and strength. Coach Brian attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course and has since channeled his desire to share his experiences and instruct aspiring crossfitters by accepting a coaching position at Repscheme. Coach Brian has been called by…
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Coach Jonathan Mendoza

Coach Jonathan's athletic background include martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling.  Recovering from recurrent shoulder dislocations, a slap-tear and labrum tear to the same shoulder,  CrossFit introduced a direction in which he discovered two new passions, CrossFit Kids and Olympic Lifting. Coach Jon is very involved in the CrossFit Kids program at CFRS, which does include coaching at CFRS and weekly visits to local schools to promote wellness and fitness so that children and younger teens can learn the value and importance of health early in their lives. CFRS has used his artistic talents for many CFRS media/graphic design projects; Coach Jon will be finishing with an Art degree form Cal State Long Beach this summer. His favorite aspect of CrossFit is the Olympic lifting. He coaches the beginner CFRS Oly Classes and he is looking forward to competing in an Olympic lifting event in the near future. Coach Jon is a versatile coach at CFRS, able to coach any of the variety of classes offered at CFRS. -CrossFit Level1 Trainer…
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Coach Anthony Ayala

Having a competitive attitude is nothing new to Coach Anthony. Having been involved in competitive sports his whole life, staying active and competing is in his blood. Excelling in Baseball, Wrestling, and Football growing up, Coach Anthony knows that hard work and dedication are the key principles to being successful. Coach Anthony felt the need to give back to the sports that taught him so much, by becoming a coach. Even though coaching Youth Baseball and Wrestling were very rewarding, Anthony still had the urge to compete. On an evening jog, he accidentally stumbled across a CrossFit gym. After his first workout, he was hooked. He found that competitive atmosphere that he loved so much. Not only does Coach Anthony like to compete with the person he is working out next to, but what he loves more is competing with himself. Every workout he pushes himself to the limit, and goes to that dark place. Coach Anthony finds coaching and training at RepScheme very rewarding. He feels the relationships he…
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Coach Linda Constante

Coach Linda’s 1st CrossFit class promoted a new direction in her view of fitness and overall lifestyle. She is a runner and considers her endurance her biggest strength. Her endurance was taken to another level as the varied WoD’s tested her work capacity with the combination of the Olympic Lifts and other varied movements. She doesn't run regularly anymore, but since beginning CrossFit her endurance has improved and she has even placed 1st in 2 recent 5k’s! Introduced to CrossFit by Coaches Brian, she was further introduced to Coach Trixie who has taught her the importance of, “Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable”. Additionally, Coach Linda can relate to post-partum mothers who are interested in assessing their fitness goals. Coach Linda gained more than 70 pounds during her pregnancy and she is a great example of what results CrossFit can help you achieve. Coach Linda is happily in be the best shape of her life! Coach Linda also has 9 years experience in teaching children. She uses this experience at RepScheme…
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Coach Jason Miyagishima (Miyagi)

  Coach Jason Miyagishima has a background in martial arts, football, racing motocross and mountain bikes, Coach Miyagi (short for Miyagishima) has always been very competitive. After giving up all of the above, he felt lost and was looking for something to fill that competitive void. In CrossFit, he found the outlet to satisfy that craving to compete. “CrossFit is constantly challenging your mental and physical limits…pushing you to progress every time you enter the box, whether you are competing with your friends or with yourself trying to set PR’s”. Due to a few motorcycle injuries, Coach Miyagi has been in the Operating Room over 20 times (He actually lost count!). “I have been put back together more times than humpty dumpty, held together by multiple screws and rods. I have had so much titanium hardware in my body that my friends have called me things like robo & terminator.” Coach Miyagi loves that CrossFit is scaleable and infinitely modifiable, making it truly amazing. CrossFit doesn’t allow the use of…
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