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Coach Jason Miyagishima (Miyagi)

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Coach MiagiCoach Jason Miyagishima has a background in martial arts, football, racing motocross and mountain bikes, Coach Miyagi (short for Miyagishima) has always been very competitive. After giving up all of the above, he felt lost and was looking for something to fill that competitive void. In CrossFit, he found the outlet to satisfy that craving to compete.

“CrossFit is constantly challenging your mental and physical limits…pushing you to progress every time you enter the box, whether you are competing with your friends or with yourself trying to set PR’s”.

Due to a few motorcycle injuries, Coach Miyagi has been in the Operating Room over 20 times (He actually lost count!). “I have been put back together more times than humpty dumpty, held together by multiple screws and rods. I have had so much titanium hardware in my body that my friends have called me things like robo & terminator.”

Coach Miyagi loves that CrossFit is scaleable and infinitely modifiable, making it truly amazing. CrossFit doesn’t allow the use of any excuses not to work out. As an athlete, a judge, or a coach…..the CrossFit community, in general is what makes Coach Miyagi’s journey exciting and fulfilling and keeps him coming back for more. “Challenge, Commitment, Community……that’s what CrossFit means to me.”

*Started CrossFit in 2010

*Creator of West Coast WOD Wars (all proceeds went to Make A Wish Foundation)

*Equipment Crew Chief for CrossFit Games 2012 SoCal Regionals

*Equipment Crew Chief for CrossFit Games 2013 SoCal Regionals

*Sponsored by 5-Hour Energy, WOD Gear Clothing, Setwear

Coach Miyagi is a fantastic asset to the RepScheme Facility!

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